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Larry Murrell here. Yes, your creator and purveyor of Another Shade of Color: Journeys Beyond Imagination (and that is where I hope to carry you, my visitors). This site is my store, my gallery, and my forum.

Okay, you know, I am a painter, a foodie..., done some Black History research..., now..., I am also including video. Check out the on below and watch for others.

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August 16, 2011

The Landscape Gallery is finished. Be sure to browse through and see what’s there.

In fact, check my video montage below of my painting of Great Fall on the Potomac.

What’s Up and Coming? What is Up and Coming, in the Galleries page under “Projects (New Works in Progress,” is a demo of a painting that I have called Black and Orange Tulips with Pansies. I’ll let you know when I finally post it. It’s my way of letting see me work on a piece as it progresses.
To the Landscape Gallery, I have just come back from a magnificent cruise to Alaska and will have coming to you from time to time great new landscapes of Alaska and Seattle, WA. To this, I am also attempting to fashion a slideshow of my photos (and possibly videos) from that part of the world.
Finally, to the Galleries section under Photography, something for your computer…, free Wallpapers.
Stick with me, join the journey, and invite those of whom you know. Another Shade of Color appreciates that greatly.

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